Largest Geothermal Community in the Country


Geothermal energy is the process of harnessing the natural temperature of the earth’s crust to regulate the temperature of homes or water. Through the use of liquid cooling pipes that store the natural temperature of the earth’s crust, which is between 55-65 degrees, geothermal units are able to heat and cool homes more efficiently. Our geothermal systems dig down two hundred feet per metric ton, and cycle cooled air above and push hot air below in order to create a more climate controlled home. In the winter this system is worked in reverse by pulling the warmer ground temperatures up and pushing the cooler air temperature below. The pipes take up minimal space underground and can last for generations.



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Green Building Program

Trilith homes are built to stringent green building standards, and the entire community is designed for walking and a reduced impact on the earth.

Green Building Advantages Include

Smaller Footprint-Energy and water savings help reduce your impact on the environment, saving money and improving the world for future generations.

Resilient-Well-sealed and insulated home remains comfortable and safe longer during power outages compared to conventional homes.

Energy & Water Efficient-Features in our homes help reduce the amount of energy and water you use, saving you money every month you live here.

Air Quality-Limit opportunity for mold and mildew, reduced dust and pollen, safe from CO, VOCs.

– Whole house ventilation
– Bath and kitchen ventilation
– Advanced air sealing
– Sealed combustion HVAC and hot water
– Sealed crawlspace
– Weather barrier and flashing
– Vented fireplaces

Carbon Footprint-Smaller and more efficient homes have less overall environmental impact.

– Advanced framing
– Grade 1 insulation
– R-38 ceiling or spray foam roofline
– Advanced air sealing
– High Efficiency HVAC
– Efficient plumbing
– Irrigation system
– Compact construction
– Porches
– Outside Living Spaces

Smart Home Technology

– Structured cabling boxes
– Conduit to Attic
– TV/Desk Locations
– Per Floor Access Point
– Security
– Heat/Smoke
– Available Technology Upgrades