There’s Something for Everyone

Gathering & Flourishing

Our community provides remarkable spaces to grow and flourish, from parks and pools to structures for creating together.



Residents at Trilith can enjoy a host of amenities
Live. Create. Inspire.
Solea Pool
Available to homeowners, this resort-style pool is a signature architectural wonder in the community. A space perfect for gatherings ranging from in-pool movie screenings to resident parties.
Splash Pad
Make a splash in Trilith’s state of the art water play paradise!
Tennis & Pickleball
Residents at Trilith can enjoy tennis courts & pickle ball courts that are located within Central Park.
Residents at Trilith can enjoy basketball courts that are located within Central Park.
Central Plaza
Be part of Trilith’s exciting festivals, outdoor music and engaging cultural gatherings that bring neighbors and guests together.
Frog Pond
Discover the enchanting world of Trilith’s frog pond paradise!
Call all adventurous kids (and adults) to the ultimate playground extravaganza!
Dog Park
Available to homeowners, the dog park for residents and their four-legged companions is designed with separate gated entrances for big and small dogs. Tunnels, water features, and hills are part of this imaginative pooch.
Embark on a journey of discovery and fitness on Trilith’s 15 miles of scenic walking trails.
Walking Trails
19 Parks
Experience the great outdoors at one of Trilith’s 19 spectacular parks.
Piedmont Wellness Center
Elevate your wellbeing at Trilith’s 50,000 sf wellness center.
Great Lawn
Step onto the expansive canvas of the Trilith Great Lawn, a vibrant open space where community comes alive and unforgettable moments are born.
Central Park
A cornerstone of the community & serves as a key gathering spot for families, adults and children to play.
Ping Pong
Unleash your ping pong skills on the granite ping pong table!